Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer!

Finding the perfect bikini can be very difficult. There are so many different styles, prints and colors that it is unable to see the wood for the trees. When you’ve finally found the perfect bikini, you want to enjoy it as long as possible. But how can you extend the life of your swimsuit?

Choose the right fabric

Please note the fabric of the swimwear while shopping. Opt for a bikini that is largely made of lycra fabric. These bikinis will last longer, and that’s what we want!

Avoid water slides

Water slides ensure that your favourite bikini will show wear spots faster, and that is what we want to avoid. So if you are planning a trip to a water park? Pull out an old bikini of your closet.


Are you going to spend a day sunbathing on the beach or at the pool? Remember to use sunscreen regularly. One time is not sufficient. Best is to avoid the sun between 12 and 15 o’clock altogether. Use the sunscreen well in advance, because it takes some time to set in so it is fully effective. And this also reduces the change for sunscreen stains in your swimwear. The sunscreen can create discolourations on your bikini. Are there still sunscreen spots on your bikini? Wash your bikini as soon as possible according to the instructions on the label. If this fails, try mixing washing powder with a little bit of water and let this set in. Then rinse your bikini thoroughly with tap water.


It may sound a little weird, but chlorine is one of the biggest wrongdoers of discoloured and stretched out bikinis. This is mainly due to the combination of sun and chlorine. Swimwear does not like this combination. (Just like your hair 😉 ) Near a chlorinated pool there is often a shower. Jump under it directly after swimming to wash out the chlorine of your bikini and rinse your hair. It is also good to take a shower before entering the pool. The fabric of your bikini will pick up less harmful substances from the chlorinated water. This reduces the risk of discolouration.


Just like lingerie, it is also not a good idea for your swimwear to wash it in the washing machine. Hand wash is a much better idea. Make 2 trays of cold water. In the first tray you put a neutral detergent and let your bikini set for 5 minutes. Then grab the other tray and leave your bikini here to weak for 5 minutes.


  1. Never wring out your bikini after washing.
  2. Do not put your swimwear in the dryer.

Your bikini is mostly made of, if you have chosen the right fabric, a stretchy fabric. What you definitely should not do is wring out your bikini. Because of this your favourite bikini loses its shape. Result: a stretched bikini that does not fit beautiful any more.

Let the bikini dry lying in a dry, dark, well-ventilated place. Do not dry your swimwear in the sun, because the colour will fade faster and also reduces the elasticity of the fabric. Also, it’s not a good idea to let your bikini dry while hanging. The weight of wet swimwear fabric is at least twice at much as normal. When you let the bikini dry while hanging dry you alter the fit and it will stretch out.

Do you have any additional tips to extend the life of your bikini?