It is amazing, but true. More then 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. Do you want to know if you are wearing the right size? Then visit one of our point-of-sales and let them measure your bra size. Or you can do it yourself with a simple tape measurer.

Pick the right size

It is important to measure on a regularly basis, because your size can change through the years. Because of weight gain or weight loss, illness, pregnancy, etc. A bra in the right size will give you a prettier silhouette and it is also more comfortable. When a bra is no longer comfortable, most women are likely to choose a bra with a bigger under bust size. But this isn’t always to best choice. If you currently experience one of below remarks, you are not wearing the right bra.


Mijn bh kruipt naar bovenMy bra is shifting up (slightly)
The under bust width is most likely too loose. That is why your bra is shifting up. The solution is easy: a bra with a smaller under bust width. Are you wearing a 75C at the moment? Then try a 70C. This bra has the same cup as the 75C bra, but with a tighter under bust width.



De schouderbandjes snijden in mijn schouderThe shoulder straps are pressing into my shoulders and are irritating the skin
Your shoulder straps are too loose. Untighten them and you feel a difference straight away. You’ve probably done this to get more support of your bra. But actually, the support from your bra should come from the under bust band; not from the straps. If the under bust band is too wide for you, your straps are doing all the carrying and support of your breasts; thereby cutting into your skin and leaving sometimes painful red marks on your shoulders.


De bandjes vallen van mijn schouders afThe shoulder straps keep falling from my shoulders
When the straps keep falling from your shoulders, then the straps are too loose. Probably, the under bust width of your bra is also too big. Are you wearing an 80B? Then try a 75B.



Mijn borsten bollen over de rand van de cupsMy breasts are coming out of the top of the bra/cups
The cups are too small, so your breasts don’t fit nicely. Advice is to try bigger cup size.



Mijn borsten komen onder de cups uitMy breasts are showing from under the cups
When this is the case, the under bust width of your bra is too big. Your bra doesn’t fit your body nicely. Are you wearing an 80B? A 75B will probably fit you better.



De cups zijn kreukelig en sluiten niet goed aanThe cups are wrinkly and don’t fit my breasts nicely
The cups are suppose to be smooth. If this is not the case, your cup is too big. Try a smaller cup size. Are you wearing an 80D? Then try an 80C.

Need help?

Everyone will feel better when they look good in their clothing. Did you know lingerie is an important part of it? Good fitted lingerie will give you a nice silhouette. Well-fitted lingerie will accentuate your best parts. Watch the seams, the width of the bra straps and definitively don’t forget the briefs. Briefs have to fit nicely and shouldn’t cut into your skin. That can be very unflattering.

When wearing tight clothing, the LingaDore Uni-Fit bras are the solution! The cups are made of micro, which makes them perfect to war under tight clothes. But this is not the only reason why this bra is so great. These bras have special mould cups with some elasticity in the upper cup. This enables the cups to fit perfectly to your breasts. The bottom cup does not have this elasticity, which prevents the breasts from hanging down in the cups and which makes sure your breasts get the support they need. Also the elastic shoulder straps are very comfortable and do not cut into your shoulders.

Do you want to hide your love handles as much as possible? Then go for seamless lingerie. Don’t wear lingerie with lace under smooth clothing, but choose our LingaDore uni-fit bra. Are you going for a sexy little black dress? Then a pretty moulded bra is your best friend. This bra will make your breast even nicer looking.
Do you need help measuring your bra size? Then take a look at below movie.